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Realtor Greenhaven PocketFinding the right realtor in the Greenhaven Pocket is crucial to purchasing a great home at the right price. If you’ve been looking at the Greenhaven market, you already know it’s one of the most sought-after areas in the region. Greenhaven Pocket is known for its abundance of pristine parks, waterways, high-end schools and low crime.

Real estate agent Renee Catricala can help you locate the right Greenhaven Pocket home at the perfect price. Her knowledge of the local area will work to your advantage in the market and help you find a home with the amenities you’re looking for, providing you with a regret-free experience as a homebuyer.

The Greenhaven Pocket neighborhoods in East Sacramento remain the most-desired of real estate, and those which holds market value better than almost any other surrounding area. There continues to be a steady stream of families seeking to make the Greenhaven Pocket area their home. If you’re searching for a traditional community feel that is in close proximity to parks and river access, as well as being close to the action, you’ll find Greenhaven is the only place to live.

Renee Catricala has been representing buyers and sellers in the real estate market for more than a quarter of a century, ensuring the seamless purchase and sale of homes in the very desirable Greenhaven Pocket, Riverlake, South Land Park, Lake Park, Midtown, East Sacramento and surrounding areas. No other local agent has the knowledge, experience and focus on meeting every client’s need to the same degree at Renee.

Finding your dream home starts by calling a reliable realtor in the Greenhaven Pocket area and sitting down for an honest and open consultation. Buying a home takes teamwork, great communication and frank, direct conversations with your agent in order to find the right home and close on the sale.

Before shopping for your home, let Renee help you get pre-approved for your loan to streamline the purchase process and help you determine your budget. Getting started with a lender with the assistance of Renee will be a simple process that won’t take long and will ensure that the rest of the home buying process will be a smooth one.

Trust your realtor in Greenhaven Pocket to find a home that will be a wise investment for you. Renee will help you judge each home through the mindset of resale value from the onset, and while you may be searching through the filter of emotional criteria, her focus will remain on identifying the pros and cons of what will make a sound and lucrative investment for your money.

Call the most trusted realtor in Greenhaven Pocket at 916-203-9690 and let agent Renee Catricala show you the beautiful homes in the Greenhaven Pocket area. As your agent, Renee will not only help you find your dream home, she will also serve as your negotiations expert from start to finish, helping you find the right home at the perfect price. Realtor Greenhaven Pocket

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