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Archive for March 2016

15 Questions you should ask when selling you home. (Part 2)

Are you thinking about selling your home in the near future? It’s a perfect time to sell in the Sacramento region, with plenty of buyers rallied buy low interest rates and high rental prices, as well as a splurge of equity boosted by years of strong appreciation gains. If you are considering listing your home,…

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For Fail By Owner – Why FSBOs don’t work

There’s a simple question I like to ask anyone who is thinking of selling their own home instead of using a real estate agent: “What is it you DON’T know about selling homes?” That question is usually met with head scratching, a blank stare, or a little stuttering before they usually reply, “I don’t know!”…

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20 Reasons why people sell their homes

At any given time, there are several thousand homes for sale in the Sacramento area, with deals closing and new sellers always popping up to replenish the inventory. There are so many listings to choose from, it sometimes begs the questions, “Why are there always so many homes for sale, and what makes people want…

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