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Archive for July 2016

25 Fun real estate facts that will blow your mind!

If you’ve ever thought buying or selling houses can be a little boring, check out this list of 25 unbelievable real estate facts! If you appraised the White House, it’s estimated it would be valued at around $110 million! Alaska holds two important distinctions for U.S. states: it’s both the northernmost state and the easternmost state.…

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20 MORE great things to do in Sacramento this summer!

In part one of this blog, we covered our first 20 things to do in Sacramento during the summer. Since the summer is halfway over, here are our next twenty to keep you plenty busy and entertained! Let us know which of these are your favorite, and if we missed any! 1. If you’re into…

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7 Ways to prepare before buying a home

The process of buying a home doesn’t just start when you first start touring properties that are for sale and writing up offers. In fact, there are a few essential steps to prepare correctly for your home buying journey. But with a little foresight, work, and organization, the your hunt for the perfect home will…

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