Land Park

Sacramento’s Land Park Neighborhood

Sacramento is known for its parks, trees, and suburban havens, but there is something uniquely dream-like about Land Park.  Maybe it’s the combination of the statuesque trees that breathe dense pools of shade along the wide streets, the more open front lots and colorful native plants in the yards. Or maybe it’s the rainbow of architectural styles, andthe friendly, relaxed human and dog activity throughout the neighborhood.

What’s in a name?

Why name such a beautiful neighborhood simply ‘Land Park?’These rolling hills and duck ponds are named after the generous William Land, a soft spoken but adventurous young man who arrived in Sacramento on foot and penniless, only to amass a formidable fortune in the hotel business.  Maybe that was impressive, but in his will he bequeathed about half of his fortune to the city to build this heavenly place.

That year William Land died, 1911, was a building boom in Sacramento, and artisans put their personal spin on each project, with built-to last-craftsmanship in the Arts and Crafts, Spanish Revival, Colonial, and Mid-century Modern styles.

In fact, Joseph Eichler, the famous 50s modern real estate developer built an impressive set of homes in South Land Park around the 1960’s, and later the city named a street after him (ironically without a single home designed by Eichler).

Neighborhoods and community:

Land Park is portioned into sub-neighborhoods: South Land Park Hills, Reichmuth Park, Cooledge Park, and Argonaut Park,sharing its borders with Curtis Park, Greenhaven, and The Pocket areas. Designated as Area Two of Sacramento, Land Park is bookended between Broadway to the North, Sutterville to the South, Interstate 5 to the West, and Freeport Boulevard to the East.

Real estate and homes for sale in Land Park:

Thanks to its long-standing, stable community, homes for sale in Land Park keep strong values and sell vigorously when they are listed for sale. The median sale price in Land Park is currently $537,500, significantly higher than the median price in Sacramento. That’s a 7.7% increase in value year-over-year. But no matter what the budget dictates for Land Park homebuyers, they are never priced out of the neighborhood thanks to the array of duplexes, halfplexes, condos, smaller ranch style homes, and larger two story custom homes. Homes for sale in Land Park typically close for 101.4% of list price, representing bidding wars and full price-or higher offers that speak to the high demand to live the area.


Fun Stuff to do for Kids and Grownups

The Land Park Golf Course is the first built in the whole city, a 9-hole public course for all to enjoy.

The Tower Theatre is a handsome art house movie theatre that sits in one of the most diverse restaurant districts in the city.  The Tower Café right next door serves up dishes from all over the world, and the dinner movie combo together makes a perfect date night.

Fairytale Town is a non-profit tot playground brimming with nursery rhyme-inspired sculptures, a petting zoo and a stage where music and magic are regularly performed.

Right across the street but still in Land Park is the Sacramento Zoo, a modest size zoo with an impressive array of animals.  The zoo also has an endangered species program that informs visitors of conservation efforts around the world.

Education and schools:

Three different school districts fit into the land Park borders: Center Joint Unified, Sacramento City Unified and Washington Unified. The area encompassing Land Park includes eight high schools, four middle schools, and 22 elementary schools, many of them rating very well.Sacramento City College, a 2-year college has an annual attendance of 25,000 students.  Land Park Academyis a recognized special needs school for children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder.

Forks and glasses:

Vic’s Ice Cream is a cold and creamy summertime rite of passage for any child

(ok, and some adults) in Land Park. Dad’s Kitchen is one of the most fun local spots for happy hour or a romantic dinner, with a sweet patio in the back and an extensive list of microbrews. The Freeport Bakery is dangerous: to your waistline!  But the Princess Cake and the Almond Croissant are so worth it.


Notable Land Park Residents:

Phil Angelides, the former California State Treasurer and 2006 gubernatorial nominee, was a Land Park resident.

Charles Calderon, California State Legislator, has a home in Land Park.

Some of the members of the great band the Deftones are from Land Park.

The famous writer Joan Didion grew up in Land Park.

Robert Fong - Sacramento City Councilmember, 4th district

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy was raised in Land Park and lived here until his appointment to the court.

Former Sacramento Mayor Anne Rudin was a Land Park resident.

Jimmie Yee, Sacramento County Supervisor and former Sacramento Mayor, calls Land Park home.

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