Classical interior with an armchair (3d rendering)

In part one of this blog, we outlined the 15 of the 30 hottest home design trends we’ll see in 2016. Here are the next 15, accumulated by scouring the blogs, articles, pins, posts, and websites of some of the most respected home design professionals in the world, we came up with this list of trends that are setting the pace for 2016.

We’d love to hear what you like, what you don’t, and what designs you’ll bring into your own home, so email us with your feedback!

  1. Monthly (or weekly) clubs are the newest old thing

This isn’t your grandparent’s jelly-of-the-month-club we’re talking about, but consumers are enjoying the ever-changing interest and flexibility provided by services that let you to “rent” or buy floral arrangements, artwork, watches, ties, jewelry, wine, cheeses, herbs, fresh organic food and home décor just like we used to get DVDs sent from Netflix, all delivered right to your door.

  1. Metal shines in 2016

Metallic finishes in home design are one of the year’s boldest aesthetic statements. Unique new designs incorporating metal are going up everywhere – from wall coverings to ceilings, rugs to vases, tables and chairs to countertops and tabletops. The only metals that we shouldn’t see around the house? The brushed silver and traditional gold we saw on door handles and cabinet pulls in the 90s.

  1. Repurposing every day items

Using normal objects in creative ways can turn the common home into a museum of dazzling conversation pieces. Even an old typewriter, an antique railroad tie, a neighborhood sign, or an out of place piece of 70’s furniture can add energy and interest to a room.

  1. Natural timber, not stone, granite, or marble in bathrooms

Sink vanities and countertops are moving light years away from the cold, impersonal, modern forms we saw in bathrooms in the past. Instead, natural timber tops carved and constructed from eco-responsible lumber or fallen trees make each bathroom unique and brilliantly organic.

  1. Colors are deep and moody

The wall palette we’ll see designers use in 2016 features many subdued colors like midnight blues, foggy purples, charcoals and every other shade of gray. But don’t mistake those for being boring, as they present the perfect contrast point for the super vibrant spectrum of reds, pinks, corals, greens, and metallic you mix in with rugs, art, wall coverings, and furniture.

  1. Sustainability and upcycling

Recycling isn’t something you just put in a green bin on the curb anymore. In 2016, it’s not treated as trash but embraced as part of our lives, as finding a new life for old materials is chic again, often turned into artwork for the home.

  1. Toilets get smarter

Your toilet can be “smart”? New commodes are infused with space aged design and technology features, allowing innovations like automatic opening, heated seats, night light, built-in deodorizers and cleaners, adjustable drying, male and female settings, and eco-friendly low flush options.

  1. Scandinavian inspired design

You may want to pay another visit to your local Ikea, as Scandinavian design is making a big comeback this year, but newly invigorated with modern patterns, colors, household and eco-friendly merchandise, artwork, and design.

  1. Hide those wires

Home design and decorating has come a long way in so many ways, but one aspect that woefully lagged behind was the snake’s nest of cables, plugs, and wires behind our televisions, computers, and other tech. That all changes in 2016, as sleek and inventive new options allow you to organize and hide them for good.

  1. Gray is it

We mentioned it before, but gray palettes around the home won’t just be for wall paint. Instead, gunmetal, Gunmetal, Arsenic, Cadet, Deep space sparkle, Stormcloud, Pewter are just a few examples of the legion of grays that will take over the home, including on fixtures, finishes, countertops, and other accessories. In fact, muted black and dark grays are the hottest trend in stainless steel kitchen appliances.

  1. Graphic Throw Pillows

Long gone are the days where pillows, throws, quilts and bed coverings were in the dark ages of boring and impersonal patterns and colors. Thanks to improved digital printing technology and a lot of improvisation, homeowners can create custom pillows adorned with any image they want like family photos or the likeness of their favorite pet.

  1. Woven Wall Décor

In stark contrast with all of the brooding grays and metals around the house, warm, natural elements like woven wall décor will look great.

  1. International cultural

Even if you haven’t renewed your passport or have plans to travel abroad in 2016, the world can come to you with design, decoration, art, furniture, and crafts from the four corners of the earth. Elements from far-off tropical and exotic countries are perfect showpieces for your own home sweet home.

  1. Metallic Wallpaper

Remember we talked about all of those metals? Well we’re going to see even more with gilded metallic wallpapers that will be a big hit this year, allowing you to simply and inexpensively turn any drab room into something that likes like a modern luxury marvel.

  1. Encaustic tiles

Instead of slate, granite, and natural stone tiles, look for these multi-colored and intricate patterned tiles that bring in a hint of ancient traditional art to your kitchen backsplash, accent walls, fireplace mantel, and bathroom tiles.


Three design trends from 2015 we can ditch:

According to home designers, the three biggest decorating elements that were hot last year but are already passé are the use of mason jars as decoration and storage all over the house, walls made out of chalkboard where you can write messages, and the use of burlap in rugs, pillows, and wall coverings.

Enjoy your creative and fashionable home in 2016!