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The hottest home design trends for 2016!

modern interior room with nice furniture inside

As we flip the calendar pages to 2016, with the new year comes new goals, new hopes…and definitely new designs. Not one to linger on a trend for more than a season, home designers, stagers, and decorators are already ramping up for 2016 with an exciting mix of traditionalism mixed with some of the boldest, most colorful, and energetic decorating we’ve seen in decades.

By scouring the blogs, articles, pins, posts, and websites of some of the most respected home design professionals in the world, we came up with this list of trends that are setting the pace for 2016.

We’d love to hear what you like, what you don’t, and what designs you’ll bring into your own home, so email us with your feedback!

  1. The formal dining room is back

Cast aside in past years for great rooms and more casual living spaces, the formal dining room is back – not just as an unused showpiece, but a much-needed family haven for those precious meals together.

  1. We’re seeing (through) French doors again

Doors that divide main rooms and spaces that require only semi-privacy like offices, living rooms, pantries, etc. will see more French doors this year, a great way to keep light and energy flowing throughout the house.

  1. Separating the shower from the bath

Bathtubs are a bad word in design in 2016, seen as big, clunky space (and water) wasters. But we’ll defend the traditional bathtub because this shift is probably more practicality than aesthetics, as urbanites and people in smaller modern housing units just don’t have the room. But even in the suburbs and McMansions, you’ll probably see the shower starting to be separated from the tub.

4.  Boring bedspreads are gone

One of the fun trends this year is replacing the muted, mono-color linens with bedding that’s just exploding with color, patterns, and even textures, many of them asymmetrical.

  1. Pendant lighting

Smaller pendant lights made from traditional materials or bold colors are being used to create zones with different moods, often bunched together and all adjustable so you’ll still have plenty of brightness where it’s needed.

  1. Pedestals stand alone

If people are indeed treating their living spaces like personal museums in 2016 then pedestals are a big part of the showcase, a work of art in of themselves no matter what is displayed on top (or nothing at all!).

  1. The stern desk is chic

Once shunned as clunky utilitarian reminders that we have to pay bills and act like adults all too often, desks in common rooms are back, but this time unapologetically distinguished and smart showpieces.

  1. Garden tubs are hot

Bathtubs may be out of favor inside the home, but tubs outdoors in gardens turn any backyard into a relaxing spa experience. Surrounded by rock features, vines, flowers, accent lighting, privacy screens, and relaxing music, can you think of anything else you’d need to unwind after a long day at work? Oh, a glass of wine, of course!

  1. Art deco patterns are taking over

A throwback to the stylistic sixties, art deco inspired geometric shapes and patterns have claimed a huge place in home design once again. But this time, art deco patterns aren’t just for bathroom or kitchen floors, but appearing everywhere from wallpaper to backsplashes, wall art to floor tiles.

  1. A mess of wires is just not acceptable

We’ve come so far with technological innovations and yet with some things – like that snagged and twisted snake’s nest of wiring that sits behind our desk or TV stand – we’re still stuck in the 1980s. But in 2016, wires will be organized and hidden, finally putting the end to the era of unsightly cables…until we go completely wireless in 2017 or beyond!

  1. Indoor gardens

We’d all love to bring nature inside our homes, but until now we’ve been restricted to a few plants, flower arrangements, or maybe a very unnatural looking “natural” rock or water feature. But in 2016, green living is alive with hanging gardens right in our homes, often producing food and herbs for our families right in the kitchen.

  1. Spacing saving hacks never get old

With more urban and smaller living spaces, ways to organize and save space never go out of vogue. In 2016, we’ll see even more developments in cabinets, closets, garages, and shelves that allow us to maximize our areas while minimizing clutter. Cool innovations like hole-in recycling and garbage chutes in kitchen countertops will probably be a staple in home design for a long time.

  1. Smart homes get smarter

Our love affair with smart technology inside our homes will be rekindled in 2016, with a focus on the function of practical features that help safety, security, and convenience, not just flash tech fads.

  1. Eco friendly and green homes

Clean energy innovations are not only efficient, saving homeowners money, but they do a lot of good by reducing waste, energy consumption, and our footprint on the planet. As long as homeowners can also see a benefit to their bottom line, they’ll keep exploring green home options in 2016.

  1. “Nubby” natural rugs

Throws, area rugs and even carpeting will see a shift to natural fibers such as wools and other textiles, bringing back warmth, texture and character to our rooms.


Look for part two of this blog, when we cover 15 more design trends for 2016 as well as reveal what designs should be safely left behind in 2015!